Welcome to EndBlank: Recovery for Us Too

#EndBlank is a support group aimed at providing guidance not only for addicts but for the loved ones of those dealing with addiction and addiction recovery. Here, friends, family, significant others, spouses, and the like, can find the support we need to conquer challenging situations and learn how to accept and unconditionally love the people  dearest to us that are battling this disease.

Those of us who have experience with addicts of all shapes and sizes know that a ubiquitous amount of support options and resources exist for them. However, there are always two sides to a story, and usually that second side involves the people that no one thinks about – the other person/people in the relationship.

Recovery is not just about “getting clean”. It is also about learning how to live without toxic substances and intangible damaging vices. It is about learning how to rebuild these damaged relationships from both sides.

At EndBlank, we are building a community comprised of those who have been hurt by or involved with addicts, of any kind. (It also includes addicts who have been hurt by us!) We seek to offer connection, inspiration, and guidance to understand that there really are two sides to a story and both of those stories need to have their ending rewritten as new beginnings. Now is the time to end the/my/your/our blank (that addiction that has to go)!

We’re hoping you will join us, especially within these trying times during the pandemic. Now, perhaps more than ever, addicts need help. Those supporting addicts need help too.

Since this site is just beginning, you might find it to be a bit boring. However, as we continue to grow and blossom, we will offer more and more articles, stories, videos, and resources on all things addiction. Our hope is to help you understand how to work with and find compassion and love – once again – for those in your life that are hurting. Perhaps you might just see their struggle in a new light and gain some clarity on how to help yourself in the process.

Join our Facebook group by clicking the link below and introduce yourself. Connect and share as much or as little as you’d like!

There is no time like now to find your way back to happiness.

Stephanie ❤ EBRG

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